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Today is June 15 and I just listened to Janet Yellen go over the economical status of the federal and global economy. Over these past few months many investors have been reducing their stake in the stock market. I have friends and colleagues who have been keeping a close eye and some of us have been shorting the market to take advantage of the volatility. I always recommend that you consult with your financial advisor and make sure that you’re aware of your investments and make sure that you hold a diversified portfolio to limit your losses. There are tons of useful information that accessible to many of you that can help you better understand our current economical state and find ways to minimize your exposure to the volatility.

I’ve been working with some of my clients for almost 10 years helping them with their personal and business finances. I have spent countless hours researching, forecasting, and building strategic plans for some of my clients to help them minimize their tax liabilities. From my years working in this field I have met plenty of financial advisors, insurance agents, and real estate agents. Many of these experts have wanted for me to refer your business to them, but I’ve always held a strict policy where I do not refer clients unless I’ve completely seen their work and know that it will meet our clients financial needs. Mike Villella and I are now working together to make sure that your next real estate investment is the smart choice for you.

Many of my friends have heard me say that we should all get ready to ride the next wave in case of a market correction, but that’s not the case for many of us who are considering retirement or who are current renters when they could take advantage of the lower fed rate and purchase a property. Many of my friends and clients who I’ve recommended to purchase over these past few years for tax purposes are now looking at a nice appreciation in their investment, but most importantly they’re now diversifying their investments to help them get ready for their future. If you’ve purchased a condo or first home over these past few years this might be a great time to sell and you can take advantage of the capital gains exclusions if you’ve met the requirements. Please call me so that we can discuss your account and see what the options are.

Mike and I are now here to bring you all a new service so feel free to take advantage. Please contact me for a market analysis for your home sale and home purchase. We’re here to make sure that you’re next listing is priced right and your next offer is the right offer.


Mario Quezada