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The fed has been asleep at the wheel for a few years now and with the interest rate remaining unchanged at lease for the next few months it will cause an increase in the amount that individuals will qualify for loans. I’ve already seen and heard how some realtors have been over pricing and unfortunately inflating certain properties. Our clients never have to worry about this because we run our own market anaylsis and set prices for each property that is listed and we advise clients on what their offers and listings should be priced at. unfortunately this current Southern┬áCalifornia real estate market is and has been driven up by developers, cash investors, and questionable real estate practice. Mike and Mario are here to make sure that all their clients make the right choice. Buyers please remember that you’re the ones who set the price. You should always consult with your tax advisor before purchasing a home, apartment, commercial, and investment properties. There are many exclusions, deductions, and circumstances that could positively and negatively affect your financial situation.